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the sport of television watching

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Q: What sport can't you get hurt with?
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Why is boxing an OK sport?

Its not an ok sport!!!you will get hurt

Why in sports do people get hurt?

You can get hurt in any sport.

Can gold hurt you?

it really cant hurt you.

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What is a sport you cannot get hurt in?


How many sports players get hurt?

It varies from sport to sport and day to day.

Can solid breath hurt you?

no its just air it cant hurt you :p

How bad can marijuana hurt you?

it cant...................

Has a famous volleyball player gotten hurt?

In every sport it is possible for somebody to get hurt, so a famous player probably has gotten hurt before, but that doesn't neccesarily mean that volleyball is a dangerous sport!

Is soccer a game where you hurt people?

People get hurt playing soccer and occasionally some players will deliberately foul in the hope of injuring people, but it is not a combat sport, like boxing. So in that sense, it is not a sport where you hurt people.

Is it true what you dont know cant hurt you?


How do you hurt your moshi monster?

you cant but I wish you can