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110 yards.

The Olympic shooting distance is 70mtr for both men and Women.

The furthest distance shot in "Target Archery" for men is 100 yards and 80 yards for ladies, the metric distances are 90mtrs for men and 70 mtrs for ladies. Shooting 70mtrs for the Olympics was introduced to try and make it more of a spectator sport and archers shoot head-to-head one arrow at a time (total 18), winner goes through to the next round.

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An Olympic archery target was about 1 kilometre big.

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Q: How long is a archery field for the olympic games?
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What is the width of an archery field at the Olympic games?

100m long :)

How long is an archery field?

archery field is 90 mtrs long.

What is the difference between field target and 3D archery?

Field target archery is when your in a field and your a long distance away from the target and 3D archery is like doing archery inside.

All about archery?

Archery- Is an olympic sport can also ba an athletic sport. It can be a daily routine or a habbit as long as you mentain your body.

Name an olympic event in which speed is not important?

Gymnastic, Volleyball, Diving, Shot Put, Archery, Long Jump

How long is archery?

FITA indoor archery is 18 or 25m. Outdoor is 30 to 90m for men, 30 to 70m for women. Olympic archery is 70m. Imperial indoor archery is usually 20 yards. Outdoor ranges from 40 to 100 yards for seniors, 10 to 80 yards for juniors (under 18).

Do people still use arrows?

Yes they do. There are many Archery Clubs throughout the world. Some use Long Bows and others use Cross bows. I believe Archery may even be an Olympic sport.

How long has the olympic games gone for?


What was in the pentathlon in the ancient olympic games?

sprinting, long-jumping, javelin, discuss and wrestling were in the Pentathlon in the Ancient Olympic games

How long were the first olympic games?

4 days

When did long jump become a Olympic event?

since the first international Olympic games in 1896 :)

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Badminton became an Olympic sport in 1992.