Why did the Olympics game stop?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Because all of the events were over and all the medals were handed out....

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Q: Why did the Olympics game stop?
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Will the Olympics stop?


When is Michael Phelps going to stop swimming in the Olympics?

He says that he has stopped and that he will not be in the 2016 Olympic games. Sadly he is going to stop swimming in the Olympics when he is 30. He said at the winter Olympics that 2012 olympis will be his last Olympics because he will be 27, and he doesn't want to swim at the Olympics after he 30. :(

How does Canada prepare for the winter Olympics?

They prepare for the winter Olympics by non stop training

Is Hockey in the Olympics?

The game Ice hockey is in the Winter Olympics. But ball hockey is not in any Olympics

What was the Romans purpose of the Olympics?

The Romans never held the Olympics; the Olympics were an Ancient Greek game.

When is the event of the handball game in the Olympics and where?

Handball is part of the summer Olympics. So there was no Handball in the Olympics 2010, which was winter Olympics

When the torch stop in ancient Olympics?

i dno

What game is not in Olympics?


Only athletic game at the ancient Olympics?

The only athletic game at the ancient Olympics was the stadion ( A quick Sprint)

What was the most modern Olympics game yet?

Beijing 2008 Olympics.

What a good game to be in the Olympics game?

That depends on what event

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Andy Leonard playing at short stop for the Washington Olympics in 1871?

Andy Leonard played in just one game at short stop for the Washington Olympics in 1871 and did not start. He made 2 putouts, had 3 assists, and committed 2 errors, equivalent to 2 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in). He had no double plays.