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Carrie strug

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Kerri Strug

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Q: Who was carried off the mat by her coach after her vault in the Olympics?
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What is the pit in pole vault jumping?

The mat used for landing

Rings or mat event in the Olympics?


In the 2004 Olympics after he had won his match what did Rulon Gardner do?

he left his shoes on the mat as the traditional symbol of retirement from competitive wrestling. PCH: Put his shoes on the mat.

What is the equipment needed for vault?

Equipment needed for vault includes a running strip (30+ meters in length), a spring board, a vaulting horse, and a landing mat. All these parts can be very expensive,

What is the rule for the single bar mens gymnastics because on the 12th chinas' coach was on the mat with the athlete.. is that really allowed?

Well it is kind of complicated. When the gymnast is on the bars and does a release move (meaning he/she comes off of the bar to re-catch the bar again) the coach is supposed to step onto the mat. If the coach spots or touches the gymnast in any way, it is allowed but it is a major deduction.

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What kind of equipment is used for gymnastics?

Events and Equipment for Females: Floor, Uneven Bars, Vaulting horse and Balance Beam.Events and Equipment for Males: Floor, Vaulting Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, High Bar and Pommel Horse.And other equipment such as springboards, crash mats, grips, chalk and vault runs are used, of course.There are many different pieces of equipment that you use in gymnastics, but the most common equipment is bars, beam, trampolines, rings, mats, inclines, vault and boxes.

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