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Actress Maria Nafpliotou


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Q: Who lit the Olympic torch at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?
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Who will hold the Olympic torch for the Vancouver Olympics?

Percy Jackson

Who lit the torch 2010?

Wayne Gretzy lit the torch at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

What year did the olympic torch become part of the Olympic winter games?

At the 1952 Oslo Olympics, Eigil Nansen lit the first-ever Winter Olympics cauldron.

Who lit the torch in Vancouver?

Wayne Gretzy Lit The Olympic Torch IN Vancouver

Who is carying the Vancouver Olympic torch?

Wayne Gretzky ran the Olympic torch for 2010

Who lit the Olympic torch in the 2006 Winter Olympics?

Italian cross country skier Stefania Belmondo.

Who lit the torch at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City?

The United States 1980 olympic hockey team.

Why does the Olympics have the torch?

The Olympic torch is a remnant of the flame from the previous Olympic games. The relay itself is to unify countries and spread the Olympic spirit.

What are the rituals at Olympics?

lighting the olympic torch.

What does the Olympic torch stand for or represent?


Is there a summer and a winter olympic torch?

No, there is not a summer and a winter olympic torch. There is only one torch. At the first olympic games ever held, the torch was lit, and it will never go out, so it just gets passed on to all of the olympic games that are held.

What is the name of the Olympic torch?

they have an olympic torch to represent each country in a different way each flicker of the flame is all the countries