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In the overall medals table for the 2004 Olympics, the top 3 nations were United States, China and Russia.

The USA won 35 gold, 40 silver and 26 bronze, totalling 101 medals.

China won 32 gold, 17 silver and 14 bronze, totalling 63 medals.

Russia won 28 gold, 26 silver and 37 bronze, totalling 91 medals.

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Q: Who came 1st 2nd and 3rd in the 2004 Olympics and how many gold silver and bronze medals did they receive?
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What do winners in the Olympics get?

the winners receive medals - gold silver or bronze

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2 silver, 4 bronze medals.

Do they do gold silver and bronze medals in the Olympics right now?

Yes they do gold, silver, and bronze medals.

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no, only silver and bronze

What would the winners of the ancient Greek Olympics receive as their reward?

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China won 11 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics: 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze.

What do winners receive?

gold medals and silver and bronze medals

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gold medals and silver and bronze medals

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21 silver and 29 bronze.

What are the prizes for the Olympics?

There are three prizes given for each event at the Olympics. The winners receive gold medals. The second place finishers receive a silver medal. The third place finishers receive a bronze medal.

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