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Yes they do gold, silver, and bronze medals.

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Q: Do they do gold silver and bronze medals in the Olympics right now?
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How many gold medals has south Korea won in the summer Olympics?

The former answer is FALSE. Nobody even got 184 medals in bejing olympic dammit. This is the right answer they got 31 MEDALS, NOT 184 MEDALS. this is the graph and stop making lies Gold Silver Bronze TOTAL 13 10 8 31

How many meldals does us?

Right now the USA has 21 Gold, 10 Silver, and 12 Bronze which equals 43 medals, the highest currently.

Can you silver plate right over bronze?

I would hire someone to do it. But you should be able to as long as you clean the bronze allowing the silver to coat the bronze.

How many gold medals does US have in the Olympics?

As of right now 23

How many medals have japan won in the olympics?

japan has got 43 medals right now to be exact they are most popular in judo.

In the soccer final in Beijing 2008 who won gold silver and bronze?

Men - Gold: Argentina Silver: Nigeria Bronze: Brazil Women - Gold: United States Silver: Brazil Bronze: Germany This is right i got an A on my test for this thanks

How many gold medals did the US women win in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino Italy?

The 2006 winter Olympics were held in Italy, where they won 2. See "Gold medals for USA, Torino 2006" to the right for more on the answer.

How many medals did South Africa win in the Beijing Olympics right now?

0 as of August 14, 2008

How many medals Germany won in 2012 Olympics?

it is eather 44 19 14 and 11 that is the right answer love destopie

How do you receive bronze medals in army attack on facebook?

Items you have to go. there is top left items and collections. click on collections. there you see alemaal items you can get if your troops destroyed. Right there you see a collection of what you get if you redeem the entire collection. if you have the whole collection of such infantry you will get 150 supply and a bronze medal. and if you get medals.

What country got the most gold medal for Olympics 2008?

The answer to said question is obviously, USA! duh.... anyone who is smart or watches the Olympics would know that. USA had a total of 110 medals, China had a total of 100 medals and Russia got third place with 72 medals. Anyone in their right mind would know that!

Good Conduct Medal Placement of stars for 8 awards?

The silver star, indicating 5 subsequent awards, should be centered on the ribbon with a bronze star on either side. If on a medal the bronze stars should be above and beneath the silver star which should always be centered in the middle of the ribbon. If on the ribbon award, the bronze stars should be just to the right and left of the silver star.

Who are the winners of the 2012 summer Olympics?

The USA with 104 Medals, the 79 countries that won a medal and all the athletes that won the right to be part of the games

What side is the silver medalist on the Olympic medal podium?

On the winner's right. The winner (gold) is in the center. On his or her right is the Silver medalist (2nd). On the other side, the winner's left, is the Bronze medalist (3rd). This is from the winner's viewpoint. From the spectator's viewpoint, looking at the medalists from the front, the silver is on the left and the bronze is on the right. These are the customary positions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in many competitive events. See Related Link below for a color picture.

When did Australia start competing in the Olympics?

In spite of Australia not becoming an independent nation until 1901, England-born Edwin Flack is listed as being an Australian athlete in the 1896 Summer Olympics, becoming the first athlete from the country. Flack won two gold medals in his own right, in the 800 metres and 1500 metres sprint races, and a bronze medal as part of a mixed team in the tennis tournament. His sole efforts in the competition were enough to put Australia in eighth place in the medals table.

What are the medals won at the Olympics?

The Olympic awards three medals. The first is a gold medal, he/she/they is the winner of that event they compete in. That athlete or athletes stand in the middle of the podium and hear his/her national anthem played during the medal ceremony. The second is a silver, He/she/they finish second directly or indirectly based on time, score, or agreement. He/she stands to the right of the gold medalist during the award ceremony. If the gold medalist is disqualified because of certain post event regulations (doping or underage regulations). The silver medalist will be the Olympic champion and accept the gold medal in the process. The last medal given is the bronze medal. This is for the athlete who finished third in a race or win the bronze medal match. They stand to the left of the gold medalist. In some sports (boxing), their are two bronzr because their is no bronze medal match or because of the rules of the sport. Some athletes find that winning an medal is an achievement, some will find that an achievement is winning as many as possible under rule regulations. Michael Phelps, argubly the greatest Olympic Champion of all times, won 8 gold medals in a single Olympic. Others less known atheltes, Chris Huffins, a decathlete, says "Their are as many gold medalist as their are bronze medalist." Althought it might sound true at first, it is a very radical statement and does not always apply to all sports (boxing). Also, a gold medalist can alos be bronze medalist, but is still titled as "Olympic gold medalist" in advertisements. Huffins won a bronze in the decathlon at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

How do you know if the items are rare on Moshi Monsters?

there well be a four leave clover on the right bronze=rare silver=very rare gold=super rare

Who are New Zealanders who won medals at the 2008 Olympics?

New Zealand is the country made up of two islands beside that is beside Australia!! Look on 80% of maps and it's right there.

When wearing the awards which comes first Purple Heart or Bronze Star?

According to AR 600-9-22, Table 3-4, the Purple Heart is to the left of the Bronze Star. The Bronze Star is a higher medal than the Purple Heart, and medals or ribbons are mounted right to left, top to bottom. The regulation can be found at

How do you unlock tounment two in ratchet and clank crack in time?

You have to go to the bronze cup push right beat the silver cup push right again beat the gold cup then you can try and beat the last cup

Is there going to be a bronze dragon in DragonVale?

There is a Bronze Olympus Dragon on sale right now on DragonVale if you were talking about the Bronze Olympus Dragon. If you were just talking about a Bronze Dragon then I don't know.

How much does it cost to make 1 medal?

It depends on what kind of metal, how big and the currency for it. bronze cost about 12 dollars right now silver 32 and gold 400 dollars

What are the statues in national statuary hall made of?

Bronze or marble. The designer has the right to add alloys into the Bronze statues.

Do the alternates get medals if the team wins?

You are kiddig, right? Of course they do.

How are countries chosen for the Olympics?

They bid and bid and bid towin the right to host the Olympics