Where did chariot racing happen?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I think it was the roman times

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Chariot races were held at race tracks which were called circus. In the city of Rome they were held at the Circus Maximus and the Circus Falminius

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The most famous location is in the Circus Maximus in Rome.

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Q: Where did chariot racing happen?
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When did Heracles Chariot Racing happen?

Heracles Chariot Racing happened in 2007.

Is chariot racing a sport or Entertainment?

chariot racingchariot racing a sport or Entertainment?

What do people ride in for chariot racing?

A... chariot.

What was the chariot racing stadium in rome called?

The chariot racing track in Rome was the Circus Maximus.

When was Heracles Chariot Racing created?

Heracles Chariot Racing was created on 2007-07-06.

Where can someone watch movies about chariot racing?

Chariot racing is a dangerous sport. In Roman times professional chariot racers could become very wealthy indeed. One can watch movies about chariot racing on YouTube.

Is chariot racing still going on today?

Chariot Racing doesn't still go on today, but at events such as, latin conventions, you may have a chariot race.

What effect does Roman chariot racing have on us today?

Roman chariot racing was the great, great, grandfather of our modern day harness racing and auto racing. The connection with harness racing is obvious, while the auto racing incorporates the speed and touch of danger that the ancient chariot races held.

What are facts about chariot racing?


What are the rules in chariot racing?


Where were Olympic chariot races held?

Chariot and horse racing were held in the Hippodrome.

What does a chariot look like hu?

it is a chariot in racing in rome ages ago