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Horse racing racing for purse only

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Q: Is chariot racing a sport or Entertainment?
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Was chariot racing a popular sport?

Yes it was it was realy popular sport  

What is chariot racing?

Chariot racing is an old Greek,Roman sport that was created for entertainment chariot race is one driver pulled by horse. The racers race in circles in the Circus maximus (building they were normally held in)These races are dangerous for both the horse and driver!

Is chariot racing part of sports?

yes it is a sport

Where can someone watch movies about chariot racing?

Chariot racing is a dangerous sport. In Roman times professional chariot racers could become very wealthy indeed. One can watch movies about chariot racing on YouTube.

Why did the Romans value chariot racing?

chariot racing was a great source of entertainment for everybody to attend. Free grain and bread was handed out, also the admission was free. Chariot racing was a festival directed toward the gods.

Why was chariot racing so popular in ancient rome?

it was a form of cheap entertainment

Did the ancient egyptians do a sport involving horses?

They dis chariot racing.

What is yak racing?

the same as horse racing, just a sport for the entertainment of man

Who watched Ancient Roman chariot racing?

Everyone went to see the chariot races. Chariot races and the gladiatorial games were the most popular forms of entertainment. The Circus Maximus, the chariot racing track, could host 150,000 spectators.

What was the fist horse sport?

One of the firsts would probably be chariot racing.

What olympic sport was first played with the players riding in wooden barrels?

chariot racing

When was the chariot racing found?

Pelops found the chariot racing.

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