When was the first Olympic torch relay?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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In Stornoway. Thats why stornoway is so famous

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1936 from Greece to Berlin, Germany.

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Q: When was the first Olympic torch relay?
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When was the Olympic torch relay revived?

The Olympic torch relay was invented in 1936.

When did the olympic torch relay first take place?


Why does every Olympic Games have a torch relay?

They have a torch relay to show they care about the world.

What was the olympic torch route?

The Olympic torch relay always terminates in the central stadium of that year's Olympic Games.

Who enters in the Olympic torch relay?

usually people that enter the torch relay are mostly people from the country that hosts the olympic games that year.

What is the olympic torch relay run?

the olympic torch relay takes place in the United kingdom

When is the torch relay starting for the 2012 Olympics?

The Olympic Torch Relay starts in the Greek city of Olympia.

Why is there an olympic torch?

The Olympic torch is a remnant of the flame from the previous Olympic games. The relay itself is to unify countries and spread the Olympic spirit.

Did the Ancient Greeks do the torch relay in the Olympic games?

The ancient Greeks were not the first people to do the torch relay. The torch relays origin dates back to the 1930's and was started by Germany (Nazi Germany, at the time)

What is the story behind the Olympic torch relay?


How long was the Olympic torch relay?

it was 4hrs long!

Why did they do an Olympic torch relay in Greece?

because they had that in the B.C.s