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You might not be familiar with the term "tucking". A downhill ski racer is tucking the hill when you see them crouch down into a tight posture and ski straight down the hill. Often they tuck in the Downhill and Super Giant Slalom events. In this case, they will turn slightly when tucking or go back and forth between tucking and turning. Tucking is also called bombing the hill. Having proper technique is important as you cut down the wind resistance. Remember downhill ski racers want to ski as fast as they possible can so they can have the quickest run time. Therefore, they always want to find ways to minmize wind resistance. In order to tuck properly you need to bend your knees and and huddle over your knees with your chest. Your feet should be hip width apart so you have good stability. Flatten your back as much as possible. Keep your hands close together and have the angle of your poles match that of your back. Don't stick your poles straight up in the air because that is wrong (and the sign of an amateur). Hold this position. If your legs burn then you know you are doing it correctly!

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The correct time to tuck in Alpine Skiing is during a straightaway in Downhill and near the last couple gates in Super Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Slalom.

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Q: What is the proper method for tucking in downhill ski racing?
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