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ski racing is when you hit poles and go on ice downhill. skiing is just having fun and just free sking. ppl!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What is the difference of ski racing and just skiing?
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What has the author Tim Ross written?

Tim Ross has written: 'Ski racing for children' -- subject(s): Downhill ski racing, Skiing for children

What are some online ski racing sites?

Far West Skiing,

Are ski suits better or jackets and salopettes?

for racing? ski suits. they will reduce drag. normal skiing? jackets are fine

What kinds of skiing does Lindsey Vonn do?

Lindsey Vonn participates in alpine ski racing.

Who is skiing aimed at?

Anyone and everyone. Learning to ski can be just as fun as racing down the slopes, skiing can be a great sport to get into shape, or just maintain your weight, and you can enter races or just ski at your own pleasure. there are also lots of different types to choose from, downhill, cross country, freestyle and more. Just Have fun with it

Is skiing growing as a sport?

Different areas of skiing are developing while others are decreasing. Freeride skiing is the newest form of skiing and is growing extensively. Ski racing, however is rapidly losing interest because it is so gay.

Why they invented different types of skis?

for different types of skiing such as racing or cross country or ski jumping etc.

What has the author Billy Kidd written?

Billy Kidd has written: 'Billy Kidd's American Ski Guide' 'Billy Kidd's Ski racing book' -- subject(s): Downhill ski racing 'Ski in six days' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing

What has the author Serge Lang written?

Serge Lang has written: '21 years of World Cup ski racing' -- subject(s): World Cup (Ski racing), Skiers, Biography, History 'Le ski' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing, Winter sports

What type of skiing uses the longest and widest skis?

In ski racing, downhill skis are the longest, but slalom skis are the widest.

Difference between ski goggles and mountain bike goggles?

The difference is the purpose they are used for. Ski goggles are obviously used for skiing while mountain bike goggles are used for cycling. Ski goggles have features and technology to withstand extreme wind, snow, and sun reflection during skiing while mountain bike goggles are not made for extreme situations such as strong wind, snow, and sun reflection in skiing.

What is the difference between ski and skis?

Ski is the abbreviation of skiing, and skis are the long pieces of carbon fibre (although other materials are used) that you attach to your feet to glide across the snow. In other words, skis are used to go and ski / go skiing.

How do you punctuate, I enjoy skiing, however, I do not have the opportunitiy to ski often.?

I enjoy skiing; however, I do not have the opportunity to ski offten.

What are some examples of extreme winter sports?

Snowboarding Skiing Aerials Skiing Snow-kiting Freestyle Snowboarding Ski racing

What is the difference between a ski jacket and a regular jacket?

About $200. You can wear any warm jacket skiing.

What is another name for nordic skiing?

Nordic skiing is all types of skiing where the heel of the boot is not attached to the ski. Nordic skiing includes Cross Country, ski jumping and biathlon.

What year was ski racing invented?

ski racing was invented in 1563

How much does it cost to purchase Accident Ski Insurance?

There are two types of skiing, jet-skiing and skiing on a mountain. For jet skiing, just for liability insurance, this can cost under 300 dollars, although it can vary.

Are ski jumping and alpine skiing in the Nordic Combined event?

no nc is ski jumping and cross country skiing

What is the name given to water skiing with one ski?

Slalom is the name given to water skiing with one ski.

What is the difference between skiing on packed trails and skiing off track?

Skiing on packed trails will most likely be safer than skiing off trails. Also, trails that have had people on them a lot will probably be easier to ski on than off track skiing.

What is the fastest non-mechanical sport?

The fastest non-mechanized sport in the world is ski racing or speed skiing. Second would be a tennis serve. The speeds reached in speed skiing are approximately 162 mph, and 262 kph

What does a ski instructor do?

A ski instructor instructs skiing.

What is more popular in 2010 snoawboarding or skiing?

Skiing is much more popular. In Europe where most skiing is done are the snowboarders just a few percent of all people in a ski resort.

Ice ski in the sentence like I am ski with my friend?

There is no sport called ice skiing but there is ice skating and snow skiing.