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Q: What is a game beside chess that might be included in future Olympics?
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Is chess is an olympic sport?

It now is a sport and it will be included 2016 Olympics. Personally, I don't think Chess should be a sport.

Is chess in the olypmics?

No, but it is recognised as an olympic sport. The IOC acknowledges chess, so it could theoretically be allowed in to the olympics in the future, but it does not currently feature.

Is chess included in the Commonwealth Games?

No, chess is not included in the Commonwealth Games.

Why chess is not included in olympic?

Because it's not a physical sport. Chess is included in the "Mind Olympiad" and the "Chess Olympiad".

Is chess included in olympic games?

no chess is not an olympic sport *EDIT* However there is a "Mind Olympiad" (games like Rubiks Cube and other Brain Teasers) of which chess is included. There is also a "Chess Olympiad".

What Sport started modern day Olympics?


Why do people want to include chess in the Olympics?

Chess includes a lot of strategy and is played all around the world. Chess is also a sport.

Do people want to include chess in the Olympics?

no they dont sorry

What two pieces stand beside a king at the start of a chess game?

the queen and the bishop

What did Charlemagne talents included?

dancing, singing, swordplay and chess

Does coca-cola sponsor sports?

the olympics

Is checkers a sport?

i phone the Olympics sport association and they confirmed that checkers is a sport but chess isn't.