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It is a matter of great esteem for India to be recognised as the worthy host of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in its capital city, Delhi which is an opportunity to display the nation's significance on the world map. The country crowned as the next world's super power is now ready for a new phase of its blooming image. Delhi, being the host city is undertaking an infrastructural face-lift as we speak.

The Commonwealth Games is a multinational event that is held every four years amongst all the commonwealth nations worldwide. 31 types of sports are played during this event with 71 teams coming from 53 different countries participate in the games. In 2010, India will be counted as 1 of the 3 developing countries following Malaysia and Jamaica that is given the golden opportunity to host the honoured multi-sport event.

The Delhi officials understand the fortune of economic, social and physical regeneration in the city that the event will bring with it. The games will facilitate increase in investment, urban renewal, transform landscape and create jobs for citizens of Delhi. One will notice a major boost in the tourism industry as it has been estimated that 2 million foreign tourists and 3.5 million local tourists will arrive at Delhi at the time of the Commonwealth Games. Tax incentives have been provided to construct hotel rooms so the city will be well equipped to handle the influx. Also, to enhance development and create jobs in the industry the government has extended a 5 year tax rebate.

Commonwealth Games India 2010

Transportation and infrastructure facilities in the city will also be hugely improved. Flyovers, broad roads, bypasses, a larger metro system, an improved Rail Bus Transport system and an efficient bus transport system. This will help ease traffic congestion and transportation in Delhi. Improved connectivity within India and outside India through air is also on the priority list. Lastly, new power plants to boost electricity supply, enhanced water distribution and improve waste management systems will add considerably to comfort levels of the tourists and citizens of Delhi.

Of course, what is most important the Games will leave behind significantly improved, first-rate sports amenities and conveniences that Indian sportspersons can use for generations. The legacy of the 2010 XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi will help boost and motivate sportspersons and officials to create a sports culture as a part of the daily life in young India.

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Q: Should developing countries host the Olympics?
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