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England Germany France

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Q: What are the last three countries to host the Olympics games?
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Did Ireland host Olympic games-?

At this time, Ireland has not hosted the Olympics games yet. It did however host the Special Olympics in 2003.

Any city hosted the Olympics games on three occasions?

London is the only city to host the games 3 times

What country host the 2009 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2009. They occur every four years. Technically the games are hosted by cities, not countries. The 2010 games are in Vancouver, Canada.

What countries have hosted the modern Olympic games?

Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page to see a list of host cities of the Olympics along with reading a short history of the ancient and modern Olympics.There is also a VERY good website: which you can go to, to find out which countries, cities AND what year they hosted the olympics!!!

Could you tell me the smallest nation ever to hold the summer Olympics?

There have been some smaller countries to host the Olympics. In 1912, Sweden (Stockholm) hosted the Games. In 1920, Belgium (Antwerp) was the host and in 1952, Finland (Helsinki) was the host. Today generally large, industrialized countries are selected to host the Olympics due to the large number of tourists expected and the construction of stadiums and venues that are needed for the athletes to compete. Click on the "Olympic Host Cities" link below to see a list of all cities and countries that have hosted the Olympic Games.

Which 3 continents have never hosted the Olympics?

As of the 2008 Games, that would be Africa, South America, and Antarctica. Rio de Janeiro has been selected to host the 2016 Summer Games. That will be the first Olympics held in South America.NOTE: Continents do not host the games; countries host the games!

List the previous countries to host the Olympics?

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Why do countries compete to host the Olympics?

To get money

Who can host the games in the Ancient Olympics games?


Which country will host the next summer olympic games?

i think the the Olympics Will host the Summer Olympics in winter

Which of the countries was the host of the 20th winter olympics in 2006?

vancouver, BC, Canada was the host of the 20th (2010) Winter Olympics.

Which city will host the 2208 Olympics?

A host city for the 2208 Olympics has not been announced. As of 2010, only the next two host cities have been announced: London will host the Games in 2012, and Rio will host the Games in 2016.

Where will the next summer Olympics?

The next host city of the Olympics will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The cities and countries that host the Olympics are decided well in advance.

Do countries host Olympics pay athletes?

I think it did

What sport did host countries add to the Olympics?


Why are most olympic games in more economicly developed countries?

Because only the more economically developed countries can afford to host the games. It takes millions upon millions of dollars to build the stadiums, fields, stands, athlete housing facilities etc. Undeveloped countries could not afford to host the olympics. As it is the debt for these countries after the games is astronomical.

How are countries chosen for the Olympics?

They bid and bid and bid towin the right to host the Olympics

Who will host the Olympics in 2100?

Host countries and cities are not decided so far in the future.

How many Olympic Games have been held in Europe?

Every four years, a country is picked to host the Olympics games. Countries in Europe have hosted these games 34 times.

When Portugal ever hosted in the Olympics?

Portugal has yet to host the Olympics games.

Did the US host the 2012 Olympics?

The host was the United Kingdom, and the games were in London...

How do they choose which countries host the Olympics?

They usually gather all the countries and have a vote for whichever country hosts the Summer and Winter Olympics

When did England host the Olympics?

The Olympics have been held in Great Britain in 1908, 1948 and 2012. On all three occasions the games were held in London.

What countries was the host of the 20th Winter Olympics in 2006?


How many countries participated on the 2012 Olympics?

In total 204 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics. It was a hugely successful games for the host nation Great Britain who achieved their highest number of gold medals since 1908.