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600,000 - 500,000 tourists, 100,000 staff and families

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Q: How many people visited London during the Olympic games?
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How many people visited the London eye in 2012?

3.5 million

How many people did it take to build the London Olympic stadium?

how many people did it take to build the olympic stadium

Why did the Olympics be in London?

because lot of more people chose it to be in London

How many royal people have visited the Tower of London?

1, that is Queen Elizabeth I

How many people went to the first olympic games in London?

10,000 people went

How many people are in the nz London olympic team?

186 athletes

Did NZ send any gymnastic people to the London Olympic games?


How many people are competing in the London Olympic games 2012?

over 500

What events are happening outside of London where?

How can normal people get involved in the olympic games

How much steel did people use to make the London Olympic stadium?


How many people visited the poppy exhibition at the Tower of London in 2014?

it was estimated around 5 million people.

What stadium is bigger cowboys stadium or olympic stadium in London?

The London Olympic stadium can hold a legal number of 80,000 people. The Cowboys stadium has room for 80,000 seats, but can be converted to hold 31,000 more standing people.