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Q: How much steel did people use to make the London Olympic stadium?
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What do the 2012 mascots represent?

the last dropp of steel off the 2008 olympic stadium

What is the mascot of Olympic Games 2012?

Wendlock and Mandeville are the official mascots of the London 2012 Olympics. They are designed as droplets of steel that created the stadium and they each have one eye and look rather cute!

What materials is an olympic stadium buit out of?

It is made out of plastic,concrete, and steel... I'm doing a project on the olyympic stadium, so i have to find out, lol

How many tones of steel was required to construct 2012 olympic stadium?

Approximately 10,700 tons of steel was used, nearly four-times-less than that required for the 2008 Beijing stadium.

When was Olympic Steel created?

Olympic Steel was created in 1954.

What is Olympic Steel's population?

Olympic Steel's population is 1,600.

How much money was spent on the 2012 olympic stadium?

The London 2012 Stadium cost £500m to construct and hosted athletics as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Seats 80,000 during Games but capacity reduced afterwards. Roof made of PVC not steel or concrete to keep environmental impact and costs down.

How many seats are in an Olympic stadium?

The Olympic Stadium will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games: 25,000 permanent seats in its permanent lower tier and a lightweight steel and concrete upper tier holding a further 55,000 spectators. The upper tier can be dismantled after the Games.

What are people calling the olympic estadium?

I believe they call it the Birds Nest due to it resembling a straw nest. The stadium is built out of several thousand tons of special steel that could be bent into strange shapes.

What is gillette stadium made out of?

The stadium is made out of concrete and steel.

What are the Olympic rings made of?


What is Gillette stadium made of?

The majority of Gillette Stadium's structure is made of heavy steel.

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