How many olympic torches are there?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: How many olympic torches are there?
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How many of Olympic torches were made?

12,000+ are being made for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Why are there 8000 in the Olympic torch?

be cause there is 8000 Olympic torches

How many olympic torches have been made for 2012?

8000. one for each bearer with the option of buying it afterwards

How do you light the torches on asterix at the Olympics games?

You have to win the first 3 Olympic games and then use the 3 mirrors to light the torches.

What is the Olympic cauldroun?

the ansewer to this question is in the Olympic games in 2012 the stadium had 32 torches to represent the 32 teams that entered and each one was lit In the opening ceremony that is the Olympic cauldron

Who made the olympic torches for 2012?

They are being made in Coventry. A large city in central England known for its engineering expertise.

Tiki Torches?

form_title= Tiki Torches form_header= Create an exciting atmosphere with tiki torches. How many torches do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Do you want metal or wood torches?*= () Metal () Wood How tall do you want the torches?*= _ [50]

A list of Olympic torches for reference?

Summer OlympicsBeijing 2008 Olympic TorchAthens 2004 Olympic TorchSydney 2000 Olympic TorchAtlanta 1996 Olympic TorchBarcelona 1992 Olympic TorchSeoul 1988 Olympic TorchLos Angeles 1984 Olympic TorchMoscow 1980 Olympic TorchMontreal 1976 Olympic TorchMunich 1972 Olympic TorchMexico City 1968 Olympic TorchTokyo 1964 Olympic TorchRome 1960 Olympic TorchMelbourne 1956 Olympic TorchHelsinki 1952 Olympic TorchLondon 1948 Olympic TorchBerlin 1936 Olympic Torch

What fuel is used for the olympic torch?

Fuels used for the Olympic torchesEarly on, Olympic torches used everything from olive oil to gunpowder as a source of fuel. Some torches were lit with a combination of hexamine and naphthalene along with an igniting liquid. Occasionally, these early-model Olympic torches proved dangerous to the torchbearer. For example, the torch used in the 1956 Games was lit by a mix of magnesium and aluminum, which wound up searing the arms of the torchbearer during the final leg of the Olympic relay. Liquid fuels, which become gaseous to create a flame, were first used to light the torch for the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, and they have been used to ignite every Olympic torch since then. The benefits of liquid fuels include safety and easy storage.

How many people carries the olympic torch?


How many torches are there on liberty island?

There are alot of torches or at least 5+ Probably hundreds in the gift shop.

How do you open the gate in Olympic village in asterix at the Olympic games?

#1. First you have to beat the first 3 olympic games. (You can access these games by going to the Greek Official (He is near the first save station).) #2. Once you beat an olympic game, a ray of light will be beamed to one of the 3 mirrors that are located around the olympic village. #3. You have to find the mirrors and change their direction until the ray of light is pointing directly at one of the Torches, this will light the torch! #4. Once all 3 of the torches are lighted the door will open!