How many of Olympic torches were made?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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12,000+ are being made for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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12000 + olympic torches are made for 2012

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Q: How many of Olympic torches were made?
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How many olympic torches are there?


How many olympic torches have been made for 2012?

8000. one for each bearer with the option of buying it afterwards

Why are there 8000 in the Olympic torch?

be cause there is 8000 Olympic torches

Who made the olympic torches for 2012?

They are being made in Coventry. A large city in central England known for its engineering expertise.

How do you light the torches on asterix at the Olympics games?

You have to win the first 3 Olympic games and then use the 3 mirrors to light the torches.

Where does the Olympic games torch stay when the Olympics are not on?

The flame is put out at the end of the games and a new torch is designed for every game. Several torches are made and the flame is passed not the torch.

What is the Olympic cauldroun?

the ansewer to this question is in the Olympic games in 2012 the stadium had 32 torches to represent the 32 teams that entered and each one was lit In the opening ceremony that is the Olympic cauldron

When where torches made and who invented them in the first place?

There were made in the year 1823 and made in Austria,Vienna and who made them was Thomas,Jefferson also as you know he was the 3 president of USA so he said.Why don't I make torches and he did,so that's how torches are made.

How did scientists come up with torches?

Scientists used and made torches by the rok of circuits.

When the fist torches were made?

it was invented in 1902

Why was a torch invented?

Torches were invented to provide light in dark environments before the invention of electricity. They were commonly used for illumination, signaling, and as a portable light source for tasks such as exploring caves or navigating at night.

Tiki Torches?

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