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12 in Cycling 9 in Rowing 6 in Athletics 5 in Boxing, Equestrian, & Sailing 4 in Canoeing & Gymnastics 3 in Swimming 2 in Tennis, Taekwondo, Triathlon, & Judo 1 in Shooting, Modern pentathlon, Diving, & Field Hockey

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Q: How many medals did GB win in each sport London 2012?
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Who was chosen to design the 2012 London Olympic Medals?

The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic Games by the host city's organizing committee.

How many Olympic medals where given out in London 2012?

962 medals including 302 Gold 304 Silver and 356 Bronze when counting each medal won by a team as a single medal.

How many medals were up for grabs in each sport of 2012 London Olympics?

There were 962 Medals for the 302 events. Some of the 26 sports (5) only had 2 events while shooting and weightlifting had 15 and athletics had 47. It was the and the same for the 39 disciplines 11 had only 2 events while swimming had 34. see related link

What happened in the London olympic 2012?

The best athletes in the world competed with each other in their chosen sports for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Good fun was had by all.

What country won 8 gold medals each at the London Olympics?


Who won weightlifting for London 2012?

Fifteen gold medals were awarded and 260 athletes took part (156 men and 104 women) China won 5 of the 15 gold medals and 7 of the 45 total medals Russia won 5 silver medals and a bronze. Kazakhstan, North Korea, & Iran won 4 medals each

What are the sport and class in which each of the 301 gold medals are awarded?

i not shore but i think the 50th is

How many metals did Jamaica get in 2012 Olympics?

12 Medals 4 each of the gold Silver and Bronze Medals

Who won the 2012 Olympic?

USA won 46 gold medals 29 Silver and 29 Bronze and 104 total

How many medals are up for grabs in the 2012 games?

there are 302 events some have 2 bronze medals instead of a playoff and teams and pairs are awarded medals to each member

How many medals are given for each sport in Olympics?

3 ,gold( now gilded silver) ,silver & bronze

Who won the London 2012 olympic games gold medal for sailing?

For 2012 Olymics, Australia won 3 Sailing Gold Medals, Spain won 2, and 1 gold medal each for Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zeland, Sweden and China.