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The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic Games by the host city's organizing committee.

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2012-06-05 15:17:01
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Q: Who was chosen to design the 2012 London Olympic Medals?
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Who did the Olympic Committee choose to design the Olympic medals?

Mr Freeborn

What is the design on the Olympic medals?

on the silver is an angel and bronze is an angel and on the gold is an uniqe 2012 symbol

Why was the London bridge design chosen?

Because it was the most suitable for the job.

How long has the Olympic stadium been in London?

London has had a couple of Olympic Stadiums. One in 1908 and again in 1948. The current stadium has been under design and construction for the last 8 years since London learned they had won the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

What pro athlete Born in California Has recently been seen dating a pro golfer Has a degree in fashion design Has won three Olympic medals First name comes from Roman mythology?

Venus Williams was born in Lynwood, California, has dated pro golfer Hank Kuehne, has a degree in fashion design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and has won 3 Olympic gold medals (1 in singles and 2 in doubles).

When was London Design Festival created?

London Design Festival was created in 2003.

Are the gold medals at the Olympics made entirely from gold?

The gold medals are solid silver with gold platingl; the plating must have a minimum weight of 6 grams to meet standards set in 1978. The Beijing Olympic gold medals also have a ring of jade inset on the reverse side of the medal with an intricate dragon design.

How did the design of Olympic medal change over the years?

The design is more nice

Why did the London Olympics symbol caused problems?

Iran's National Olympic Committee that the logo was racist because some believed they could see the word "Zion" in the abstract design

Where would one find a design center in London?

There are various design centers in London of the United Kingdom. They can be found online or through directories. Some of the design centers in London are Business Design Center, Skyscraper City and New Designers.

What does the 2012 Olympic torch design represent?


Who was chosen to design Washington D.C.?

Pirerre L'Enfant

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