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Q: How far did the olympic flame travel in 2012?
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How far will competitors from Singapore travel by air to 2012 Olympic games?


How far does the Olympic flame travel?

8000 miles. The relay is broken down with 8000 members of the public taking part each running a mile.

How many olympic medals does the U.S. have so far in 2012?


Did Greece compete in the Olympic games in 2008?

As of 2012, Greece has so far competed in every Olympic season.

How far did the Olympic torch travel for the 2012 Olympics?

For the 2012 London Olympics, the torch traveled 8,000 miles. It passed through 1,000 cities in 70 days, including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Aberdeen, and Newcastle.

How far do the teams have to row in the Olympic games London 2012?

The venue has eight lanes and is 2200 metres in length

How many medals has Emily little won?

well in the 2012 London olympic games she has won 0 so far

Is there new Olympic stadium?

yes it is in London for the Olympics 2012 it is the latest so far but they might make more in the future

How many gold medals has Emily little won?

well in the 2012 London olympic games she has won 0 so far

How many times was Gabby Douglas in the Olympics?

she competed at the 2012 olympic. she is going for 2016 aswell. so she has competed once so far

How many medals has NZ won in the 2012 olympic games?

omg i dont even know were to start new zealand is the best olympic team by far The games havent finidshed yet but soo far new zealand have won 3 gold and heaps of silver and bronze i am soo proud of my home country for they are the best olympic team

How many Olympics has Tom Daley entered?

So far Tom has entered two Olympic Games, The 2008 Beijing games and the 2012 London Olympic games. In 2016 he hopes to enter the Rio games in Brazil.