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5/6 meters

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Q: How deep is the diving pool in the Beijing Water Cube?
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How deep is the swimming pool in the Beijing Water Cube?

The swimming pool in Beijing Water cube is 13 metres deep

How deep is the Olympic pool for high diving in Beijing?

5 or 6 meters

What is the quickest way to learn deep sea diving?

One may be able to learn deep sea diving via an intensive course at diving schools. Typically a deep sea diving course may take between 3 and 7 days with several hours, at least, spent in the open water.

Why do scuba divers not get crushed by the weight of water when they are diving?

They do not dive deep enough.

Why is a swimmer not hurt while diving in a deep water tank?

its because he is a good swimmer

Is the garmin eTrex legend h gps waterproof?

It depends how deep you are thinking, it is water resistant, however, not deep diving submersible.

How do penguins hide from predators?

Penguins rely on their natural camouflage to blend in with their icy surroundings, making them less visible to predators like seals and orcas. They also use their agility and speed in the water to escape from dangerous situations. In some cases, penguins may form large groups, known as "rafts," to confuse and deter predators.

What are the dangers of pearl diving?

Some dangers of pearl diving include drowning, decompression sickness, getting entangled in fishing nets or ropes underwater, encountering dangerous marine wildlife, and the risk of injuries from sharp coral reefs or rocks. Additionally, prolonged exposure to deep-sea diving conditions can lead to health issues such as respiratory problems and nitrogen narcosis.

What is the thing used to breath under water?

goggles and snorkel or an oxegen tank used for deep sea diving

What is a bathyscape?

A deep diving device. The part of a submersible that withstands the external pressure.

Diving into very deep in a diving suit well it hurt you?

yes t can

What is the end of the pool where diving can be done called?

The Deep End or diving zone