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Joyce Wilborn

Angie Denkins

Stacey Gunthorpe

Dee Dee Foster

Corrine Wright

Diane Durham

Chaney Umphrey

Ron Galimore

Jair Lynch

Betty Okino

Tasha Schweikert

Kathy Williams Myles Avery

Lucy Collins Kim Hamilton

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Charles Lakes

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Q: FIrst black male gymnast on the US olympic team?
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How old do you have to be a male gymnast at the Olympics?

I think you have to be 12 to be in any olympic event, but i'm not positive

What 2004 Olympic gymnast almost lost his gold medal in the all-around competition?

Paul HammPaul Hamm , 2003 FIG International Gymnast of the Year, was the first U.S. male in history to win a World All-Around Championship (2003).

Who was the first male gymnast to perform splits in Olympics?

St Josephs

What gender were the first participants of the first olympic games?


What is something good that Aleksandr dityatin?

He was the the first male gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the Olympics.

Who was the first black male model?

There is no such recorded evidence as to who the very first black male model was.

What is one male American gymnast?

Paul Hamm.

Who was the male gymnast who ran into the vault?

Brian Meeker

Who is 1 of the most famous male gymnast?

sasha belloff

Who was the first to light the torch?

The first person to light the Olympic torch was a German male called Fritz.

Do male gymnast get their balls cut off?

u gotta be shittin me

Who is male gymnast?

* Michael Phelps * Bart Conner * Paul Hamm