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They could possible be killed trying to get in.

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Q: Could women watch the Ancient Olympic Games?
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Who watched the Olympic Games in ancient times?

In ancient times men and single women could watch the games.

Who watched the ancient Greek Olympic games?

Only men and unmarried women could watch the Olympic games because the men in the games were often naked, but older boys could watch.

Could women participate in ancient Olympic games?

No, the society didn't even allow women to watch

Who wasn't allowed to watch the ancient Olympic games in Greece?


Who was allowed to watch the ancient olympic games?

married women and men.

Who watched th ancient greek olympic games?

There was running, discus, javelin, races with armour on, triple jump, double jump, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing and fighting.

Who watches the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

The children and the men. Women are not allowed to watch.

Who wasn't allowed to compete in Ancient Greece Olympics?

Women were not permitted to watch the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Who would watch the Ancient Olympic Games?

the ancient Greeks came up with the idea of the Olympics. the partakers would run naked. only men were allowed to watch and take part.

Who was the first woman to witness the olympic games?

While only men were allowed o compete, all could watch even the ancient olympics. Who was first woman can't be determined.

Who came to watch the ancient olympic games?

bob marly the queen president nixon henry v jessie j

How come the anicent Greeks were nude at the olympic games?

In the ancient Olympic Games in Greek, they were nude so there enemy wouldn't pull on there clothes and choke them, they also wouldn't let the girls watch the men fight.