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The children and the men. Women are not allowed to watch.

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Q: Who watches the Olympic games in ancient Greece?
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Who invented the ancient Olympic games?

The ancient olympic games originated in ancient Greece.

Who were not allowed to watch the Olympic Games in ancient Greece?

Women were not permitted to watch the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Did the olympic games start in ancient Egypt?

No, the olympic games started in Ancient Greece

Where was the location of the Olypmian games in ancient Greece?

The place of the Ancient Olympic Games was Olympia in Ancient Greece

When the olympic games started did war happen in ancient Greece?

All wars were paused during the olympic games in ancient Greece.

When and where did the Olympic games originate from?

in ancient Greece

What was another name for the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

The Olympic games in ancient Greece were originally named after the location of the games which was Olympia. Because of this the games were originally called the Olympiads.

Why are the Olympic Games called what they are?

The Olympic games are loosely based on the ancient Olympic Games of ancient Greece. These were called the Olympic Games because they were held in Olympia, which was a plain in the district of Elis, in southern Greece that was regarded as a sacred region.

When did the ancient Olympic games move from Greece?

in 1900

What was the site of the ancient Olympic Games?

Athens Greece

Who was responsible for the ancient Greece Olympic games?

my mum

Where did the olympic games originate?

Olympia, in ancient Greece

Was there any deaths in Ancient Olympic games in Greece?


Was the Marathon part of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece?


Where was it important to root for the ancient olympic games in?


When were the first ancient Olympic Games?

olympia athens

What did women do in olympic games in ancient Greece?

Back in Acient Greece women were not allowed in the olympic games only men.

What are five facts about ancient Greece olympic equestrian games?

One fact - there were no ancient Greek Olympic Equestrian Games

Where were the first ancient Olympic games held outside of Greece?

There was no Olympic Games outside of Greece before the first one was recorded.

What prizes did Olympic victors get in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece?

They got a crown made out of olive leaves and were respected throughout ancient Greece.

Famous ancient athletic games?

The Olympic games were the most famous athletic games in ancient Greece.

When and where the first ancient Olympics games held?

The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece.

What country held the first Olympic games?

Ancient Greece

Where did the Olympic Games in ancient Greece take place?


What was the Olympics called in ancient Greece?

They were called the olympic games!