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A 'scratch golfer' is the name given to a golfer whose handicap is zero.

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Q: Why is a player called a scratch golfer?
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What is a expert golfer called?

A golf "pro" A scratch player

What is a scratch golfer?

A player with a handicap of zero (or better.)

Who and at what age was the youngest scratch golfer?

Me (Daniel List and a boy called andy zhang (We were 9)

What is the average drive of an amateur golfer?

The womans tee is very visible from any other tee so I would say just about on "par" with everyone else. Of course, its all relative.

Come up to scratch?

This is an English expression which means to achieve the required standard There are several proposed origins of this idiom. There is the inspection mark that a master would scratch or stamp into a workpiece meanng, if the piece was of sufficient quality, it had come up to scratch. However, predating that explanation is the golfing handicap term. A player who has no handicap is a scratch golfer. A player of lesser quality, who uses the handicap system to be under par if you will, has (does) not come up to scratch.

What is a golfer's assistant called?

A golfer's assistant is called a caddy. A caddy is paid by golfer. Most professional golfers have caddies.

What kind of noun is golfer?

The noun golfer is a singular common noun, a word for a player of golf.

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Peter Alliss has written: 'The duke' 'Lazy golfer's companion' 'Play better golf' 'Golf master classes' -- subject(s): Golf 'A golfer's travels with Peter Alliss' -- subject(s): Golf, Celebrities 'Learn golf the easy way from scratch ... to Scratch'

What is an incompetent golfer called?