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idi amin, believe it or not.

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Q: Who was the light-heavy weight boxing champion of Uganda from 1951 to 1960?
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WHEN BOXING WAS AT ITS BEST:FLY WEIGHT,BANTAM,FEATHER,LIGHT,WELTER, MIDDLE,LIGHT HEAVY,AND HEAVY WEIGHT. 8 IN ALL.NOW IT IS RIDICULOUS FLY, SUPER FLY.BANTAM,SUPERBANAM,FEATHER,SUPER FEATHER ON AND ON.TOTAL 16. SOME OF THE DIFFERENCES ARE ONLY A FEW LBS.strawweight / minimumweight / mini flyweight (105 pounds limit)light flyweight / jr flyweight (108 ibs)flyweight (112)jr bantamweight / super flyweight (115)bantamweight (118)jr featherweight / super bantamweight (122)featherweight (126)jr lightweight / super featherweight (130)lightweight (135)jr welterweight / super lightweight (140)welter (147)jr middle / super welter (154)middle (160)super middle (168)light heavyweight (175)cruiserweight (200, although 10 years ago the weight limit was 195 except for the wba who had the limit at 190 ibs)heavyweight (over 200)

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