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== == == == In Netball, you will need, running skills, catching skills, throwing skills, defending/intersecting skills, shooting skills, teamwork skills, dodging skills, footwork skills, good coordination and stopping skills. Your brain will also need to think fast.

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I need examples of these skills

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Q: What skills do you need for netball?
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Why do you need catching as a skill in netball?

You definitely need catching skills to play netball because half the game involves catching.

What equpment do you need for netball?

two netball posts netball pitch one netball two umpires

How can you improve your regional netball WD skills?


What skill are developed in netball?

Ball skills, hand-eye coordination, movement skills such as running, stopping, turning and dodging and aiming skills associated with passing and shooting are all very important and will developed by playing netball.

What skills does catching a netball involve?

when passing a netball you have to throw from the chest if you want a good pass

Do you have o be experienced to be a Netball player?

Of course you have to be. You need to be experienced because it gives you a lot more skills when you play on the court.. Also you spelt it wrong :)

Netball ball handling skills- catching?

Jump when retrieving the ball.

Why do you need motivation in netball?

because you need it

Is there an age limit netball for?

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

What clothing and equipment do you need for netball?

preferably matching netball skirts tops & bibs. also a ball :)

What qualifications do you need to become a professional netball player?

You need to work your way up the levels, so get into county team/nationals/regional etc. You will then be scouted to play professionally. You need good stamina/fitness levels, team work, agility, skill, height, speed.

How does practicing skills help us?

because when you do a match you netball skills will be improved so your team might win. Also practicing skills will improve your netball for example if you never learned where to stand at the start of a netball match you would never know where to stand! I no practicing skills is very boring but you have to do it to play matches. other wise you would never win a match as well.