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The face ;)

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Q: What is the name of archery target ring?
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What is the difference between field target and 3D archery?

Field target archery is when your in a field and your a long distance away from the target and 3D archery is like doing archery inside.

How are the rings arranged on an archery target?

The rings of an archery target are concentric circles.

Where is the archery target hidden in superbia?

If you mean the archery target for the brave task then it is in the trading post.

What are the rings in an archery target called?

A Target

What is target archery?

Answer it is shooting a arow at a target.

What is anus meanings in archery?

the target

What starts with a T and is to do with archery?


What is the Name of center of archery target?

The entire lot would perhaps just be called a target, but there are individual names for the sections... The stand the target rests on would simply be called the stand. The straw backing on a target is called the "boss". The paper picture with the Archery rings or equivalent scoring system is called the "face".

What colour is the centre scoring area of a archery target?

The WA ( World Archery Federation, former FITA ) targets are coloured as follows, from the inside out: * 9 ring, 10 ring and inner 10 ring - gold * 7 ring, 8 ring - red * 5 ring, 6 ring - blue * 3 ring, 4 ring - black * 1 ring, 2 ring - white

What is the term missing the bull's eye in Archery?

The centre of the archery target is called the Gold.

How do you get to be in the Olympics for archery?

If you break the rulkes. Such stings can be: * Use of alcohol / doping * Equipment which doesnt comply with the rules * If you step over the shooting line during shooting * unsportly behaviour * ... * ...

What colour is the inner ring of an Olympic archery target?

Over the years and around the world many different designs of archery target have been used. I'm sure some had red in the centre. However, today in target archery (e.g. as shot at the Olympics) the target face is standardised and the centre (which is never called the "Bullseye" by archers!) is yellow and is normally referred to as "Gold". An image of a target face can be found at Other target faces do exist; the most noticeably different would be one used for field archery which is all black apart from the centre which is, again, gold.