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It's one of three:



Olé Olé Olé


Nanananah, nanananah, Hey, hey Good-bye!

"Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!"? "Halte la, halte la, les Canadiens sont la!"?

Or are you talking about the Habs goal song?

In about 1890, Les Montagnards, a Montreal snowshoe club, used to sing a rallying song called Halte là ! Halte là ! Les Montagnards sont là... Adopted by their hockey team, the song was later adopted by the Canadiens Hockey Club as Halte là ! Halte là ! les Canadiens sont là...

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During the 2008-2009 season the song was "Generation" by Simple Plan, In 2009 it was changed back to Vertigo by U2. They no longer use the goal song.

and yes it has been made only for that


It is called the Montreal Canadiens Goal Song by L'Oreille ( has the song in flash)

now they use Vertigo by U2 ... I miss the old song

OLA i think i spelled it right

originally it was Montreal Canadiens Goal Song by L'Oreille, then it was changed to Vertigo, but then it was changed to Generation for the centennial season, and then it was once again changed to vertigo

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Q: What is the little song or chant that hockey fans sing only in Montreal?
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