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Q: Who has the Greatest Fans In Hockey?
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When was Bajen Fans Hockey created?

Bajen Fans Hockey was created in 2008.

Where can someone go to learn more about NCAA hockey?

NCAA hockey has its own website with the latest and greatest news about NCAA hockey. Fans can view anything from team standing to teams players on the website.

Is there more football fans than hockey fans?

Yah Right lol There are way more footballfans then hockey fans

What hockey team has the best fans in the world?

Pakistan is the best hockey team in the world and has more fans. My mom and dad are both international hockey players. This is beneficial because many fans come to our house. My mom is the captain of the team and is classified as "the mother of hockey."

What sport has more fans hockey or basketball?

Basketball has about 1 billion fans worldwide, hockey has somewhere between 50-100 million.

Are there any Canadian hockey fans?


How many fans of ice hockey?

Not enough

Who has the worst hockey fans Chicago or Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has worse fans than Chicago

Who has the Greatest fans in the NFL?

The Detroit Lions have greatest and most loyal fans throughout the NFL

What sport has the most fans?

The sport that has the most fans is without a doubt, hockey. hockey is the most widely played sport in the world. Just about every country has a hockey team, and other than the U.S., most countries take hockey very seriously. Countries like Brazil, Italy, and Germany are huge hockey fanatics and have thousands and thousands of fans watching.

How many Hockey fans are in America?

5 million

How many hockey fans are there worldwide?

1.789 billion

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