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A toe touch is by far the best jump. Most importmant thing.....point your toes!!

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Q: What do you think are the best jumps for a cheer for tryouts?
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What do you do at cheerleading final tryouts?

You need to bring your A game because you're competing with the best of the best. They'll probably ask you to peform all your tumbling skills, jumps, cheer, chant, and dance. Some will ask you to stunt

What should i do if cheer tryouts are in less than two weeks and i have never trained?

You should try as best as you can and practice if you really want to do it, but if not don't stress too much.

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up?

Yes i think that is the best way to cheer yourself up. It always works for me!

What are some tips for basketball tryouts?

just try your best and don't even think about messing up, don't think about how other people are doing, just play your best.

What is the best cheer?

the best cheer place in the u.s.a is MidwestCheerElite

How do you get on the cheerleader tearm?

I'm assuming that your talking about school cheer, so your best bet would be to talk to the office and find out who the coach is. then simply tryout when tryouts come. practice a lot ! stretch tons ! and just have spirit !

Are cheer shoes good for running?

Any tennis shoes you have are alright for cheer tryouts(: But, preferably a white, flat bottom, narrow shoe would work better! Either way, just make sure you are comfortable & they are shoes you do your best in! If you still would like to know what would be the best choice, just search what cheer shoes look like or go to a shoe department/ sports store & look at the Nike or Adidas cheer shoes! Best of luck I hope you make the squad! Cheerdancelove16

Who is the best Canada cheer team ever?

the best Cannada team is I think is the Great White Sharks in Cannda

How do you cheer yourself up?

i have been in this position many times and the way i try to cheer myself up is think your problem through and think have you done anything wrong? if you have then its ok aslong as you face the consequences but the best way to cheer yourself up if your feeling down is discuss your feelings and thoughts to someone.

Name some all star cheer teams in Illinois?

Illinois cheer company is the best

What do you do to become cheer captain?

Be the best cheerleader!

What would be the best cheer if you were going to cheer for the vipers?

A good cheer would be: The vipers are here To put you to the test ______, _______, and ______ (colors) The best of the best!! A chant would be: Come on fans lets hear it- Weve got viper spirit! (repeat as many times as you want)