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Q: In which sport do all members of the team except one always move backwards?
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In which sport do you walk backwards to win?

Tug of War

In which sport does the winner finish going backwards?


What sport involves running backwards?

Rugby/American football.

What is a sport start with b and you have to go back to win?

Backstroke swimming is a sport in which you must swim backwards to win.

What is backshots?

A backshot is a shot in any sport which knocks a ball backwards.

What is the only land sport where the winners go backwards It needs to be a land sport nothing like rowing?

tug of war

In which sport do competing teams travel backwards and in opposite directions?

tug of war

What is a sport that you move backwards to win besides backstrock and tug of war?


What is the fastest sport backwards?

Hockey players have skate about as fast backward as they do forward.

A sport in which you can move backwards?

swimming backstroke, figure skating (thought not continuously), rowing, tug-of-war.

What sport has six members?


What sport has 5 team members?

basketball :)