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David Beckham with the galz cos hes fit beyonce with the boiz cos shes pretty

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beyonce of course

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Q: David Beckham or Beyonce who is more popular of the two?
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Is Beyonce more popular than Jesus?


Who has more hits Beyonce or Mary j Blige?

beyonce of cource

Who is the designer for the House of Dereon?

The designer for the House of Dereon is designed by Beyonce and Tina Knowles. Beyonce is a popular well-known singer. You can learn more about the House of Dereon at the Wikipedia website.

Who is more famous Angelina Jolie or Beyonce?

Beyonce is because she has fans from all genres, ethnicity's, and walks of life. she can sale out stadiums. actors and actresses dont get the recognition they deserve.. but Beyonce has millions of fans. Beyonce made 315 million in 2009 and Angelina made 27 millon,,statistics don't lie!!!!! The one that makes the most money is supported, if you are supported you have lots of fans thus making you more popular.

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Beyonce Knowles?

to me, sonic ,to the rest sonic 10% beyonce 99%.

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Is Tiger Woods more popular than david beckham?

Tiger Woods is more popular than David Beckham in the United States but not in the rest of the world where David Beckham is known not just for his football but his other endorsements. That would make David Beckham more well known.

Who is more famous Homer Simpson or David Beckham?

Homer Simpson is currently more popular and well known than David Beckham so he wins

Who is more popular around the world david beckham or Michael Jordan?


Who is more famous Mr.Bean or David Beckham?

It is hard to compare the popularity of two different persons, but if it means anything: David Beckham has 44,700,000 more hits than Mr. Bean when searching for his name so one might say that David Beckham is more popular.

Who makes more money David Beckham or Peyton Manning?

david beckham

Who is more famous David Beckham or Dolly Parton?

I believe david beckham

Who is more famous Queen Elizabeth II or David Beckham?

david beckham

Who is more famous David Beckham or Garfield?


Who scored more free kicks David Beckham or juninho from lyon?

David Beckham

Who is more famous David Beckham or Wen Jiabao?

I would say David Beckham because I here about him more.

Who is more famous John Lennon or David Beckham?

David Beckham is more famous than John Lennon.

Who is more popular Beyonce or Nicki?