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I assume David Beckham has scored more. I don't know the actual stats but I think Beckham has scored over 50 freekicks in his carreer. Pirlo has scored around 40 I think.

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David Beckham

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Q: Who scored more free kicks David Beckham or juninho from lyon?
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Name some goals that England scored directly from free kicks?

David Beckham against Greece in 2001

How many free kicks has juninho scored?

Juninho is considered the greatest free-kick specialist of all time. As of 17 May 2009, Juninho has scored 44 goals from direct free kicks for Olympique Lyonnais, and he has also scored from free-kicks beyond 40 meters on four occasions.

Who is the best freekicker?

There are many skilled freekickers in the world, but some popular ones include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and David Beckham. Each player has their own unique style and technique when it comes to taking free kicks.

How many goals has david beckham in free kicks?


How does David Beckham do those perfect free kicks?

He does with his brain.

Should david beckham take corner kicks or free kicks?

Free kicks definatly that is his strength. He was never really good at the tricks he is just known for free kicks. So free kicks all the way.

Who takes the free kicks England?

Typically Suarez or Gerrard takes Liverpool's free kicks, but anybody else could take it too. There is not set kick taker.

Who has scored from the most free kicks in football history?

Billy Heath of the Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Football League scored the first free kick against Accrington. The league was founded in 1888 and in 1992, twenty two teams left to form their own league called the Premier League.

Ronaldinho and beckham who is best in taking freekicks?

Beckham has his free kicks better as they dip a lot.

What has David Beckham Accomplished?

Played for multiple winning teams including Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and AC Milan. He is best known for his amazing free kicks, hence the phrase "Bend it like Beckham".

What is the most beautiful thing in the whole world?

That depends on your definition of beauty. Some people might say a rainbow, some a Faberge egg, some the way David Beckham kicks.

How far was the furthest ever goal kick in soccer?

Well I don't know, I think it's David Beckham, I know it is! It's not David Beckham, he's not even a goalkeeper (goal keepers normally take goal kicks).Unless the question is actually asking what's the furthest out a goal has been scored from. Even then the answer isn't Beckham; he has famously scored from close to the half way line early in his career but several players have scored from their own half. I remember a goal by a goalkeeper (Pat Jennings I think) which was scored by a long kick from his hands from his own penalty area, the ball buounced over the GK at the other end and into the net...But if the question really is about the longest goal kick (i.e. a player kicking the ball from within the six yard box folloiwn the attacking side putting the ball wide of or over ther goal and between the cornber flags) I don't know!