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Yes. Fire-tipped arrows are actually quite common in history. Putting out a fire once set consumes resources that would otherwise be spent on killing the enemy, so it was very advantageous to use fire-tipped arrows to set fire to enemy boats, catapults, walls (if made of wood), and combatants.

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yes they are or were in the middle ages

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Q: Are fire arrows real
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Where is the shop that sells fire arrows in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

There is no shop that sells fire arrows after you get the fire arrows from Snowhead Temple, all you need is your Magic energy meter filled up and some regular arrows, and you can use fire arrows.

How do people make fire arrows or ones that cause an explosion?

Fire Arrows: Flame enchantment on Bow, Normal Arrow fflying to a target through Lava/Fire. Exploding Arrows: Mods. The only answer.

What are the ratings and certificates for Arrows of Fire - 2013?

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What are the bad points of fire arrows?


What actors and actresses appeared in Arrows of Fire - 2013?

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How do you get the arrows in ocarina of time?

They come with the bow, which can be found in the forest temple. Other arrows: Fire Arrows (go to lake hylia and fire an arrow at the sun as it rises), Ice Arrows(complete the gerudo training ground), and Light Arrows(given to you before entering ganon's castle and beating the game).

Did people use fire arrows or is just a Hollywood trend?

While it was common in some types of medieval warfare to use flaming arrows, it was uncommon to use them against human targets. Most often "Fire Arrows" were used to light structures and vehicles on fire.

How do you use fire arow?

You use fire arrows to ignite you enemy's buildings.

How were the first to fire arrows?

You get the Fire Arrows at the platform near the warp pad at lake Hylia. Stand on the platform and shoot the MORNING sun with a normal arrow.

How do you get the arrows to change in the warehouse in Pokemon?

and in witch pokemon? If you ment fire red the arrows don't change

Where to get fire and ice arrows in The Legend of Zelda?

depends on the game. In ocarina of time you find the fire arrows at lake hylia, the ice in the gerudo training grounds. In wind waker the queen fairy gives them to you. In majora's mask you find fire in the snowhead temple and the ice arrows at the great bay temple

What is an accumalator?

An accumalator is a backpack in runescape that saves arrows as you fire them.