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He suffered from a heart attack and fought back but it just wasn't enough.
he was the black man to play on a white mans base ball team

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Jackie Robinson is the first black player to play in the MLB.

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Q: Why is jack Robinson important?
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What was Jackie Robinson's full name?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson

What has the author Jack Robinson written?

Jack Robinson has written: 'Jack Robinson' -- subject(s): Portrait photography, Portraits, Entertainers, Authors

What are baseball player Jack Robinson's physical stats?

Jack Robinson throws right.

When did Jack Robinson - pitcher - die?

Jack Robinson - pitcher - died on 2000-03-02.

When was Jack Robinson - pitcher - born?

Jack Robinson - pitcher - was born on 1921-02-20.

When was Jack Robinson - footballer - born?

Jack Robinson - footballer - was born on 1870-04-22.

When did Jack Robinson - footballer - die?

Jack Robinson - footballer - died on 1931-10-28.

When was Jack C. Robinson born?

Jack C. Robinson was born on 1922-09-22.

When did Jack C. Robinson die?

Jack C. Robinson died on 1942-10-25.

What are the names of Jackie Robinson's?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson

What was Jackie Robinson's middle name?

His full name was Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson.

When and where was baseball player Jack Robinson born?

Jack Robinson, commonly known as Jackie Robinson, was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia, United States.