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There was no Olympic Games in 1997. However, in the 1996 Games, Danyon Loader won gold in the 200 meter and 400 meter freestyle. Blyth Tait won the other gold medal for New Zealand in the 1996 Games in equestrian competition.

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Q: Who won a gold medal from new zealand in 1997?
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Who in 1936 won New Zealand their first gold medal for track and field?

Jack Lovelock

Who was the first New Zealander to win a medal in the Olympic Games?

The first New Zealander to win an Olympic medal was Harry Kerr who won a Bronze in the 3500m walk in London in 1908. However this was part of a combined New Zealand and Australia team. The first Gold medal was won by swimmer Malcolm Champion in the 4x200m relay in 1912; this was also as part of a combined Australasian team. New Zealand sent its own team for the first time to Antwerp in 1920 and Darcy Hadfield won a Bronze medal in the Single Sculls. New Zealand's first Gold Medal for a New Zealand team was won in Amsterdam in 1928 by welterweight boxer, Ted Morgan.

Is there a New Zealand Armed Forces Cross Award given for great bravery?

There is no such award as the New Zealand Armed Force Cross.Awards are:The Victoria Cross for New ZealandThe New Zealand Gallantry Star,The New Zealand Gallantry Decoration, andThe New Zealand Gallantry Medal) are designed to recognise military personnel.The New Zealand Cross,The New Zealand Bravery Star,The New Zealand Bravery Decoration, andThe New Zealand Bravery Medal) are primarily designed for civilians

What olympic medals have new zealand won?

New Zealand first competed in the Olympics in 1908. Since then the country has won over one hundred medals in the summer games. They have won gold, silver, and bronze medals. They have also won one medal in the winter games. The winter medal was silver won in Albertville in 1992.

Kind of pear that come from new zealand?

Two kinds of pears come from New Zealand. New Zealand exports both Bosc pears and Taylor's Gold pears. Taylor's Gold pears are a new type of pear.

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The only time that the New Zealand's mens hockey team won the Gold medal in the Olympics?

That was the 1976 Games in Montreal when New Zealand defeated Australia in the gold medal match.

Which sport did new zealand win a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics?

New Zealand only gold medal at the 2000 Games was won by Rob Waddell in men's single sculls rowing.

Olympic gold medal winers from new zealand in javelin?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, no New Zealander has won a gold medal in javelin.

In 2000 olympic games new zealand won a gold medal in which sport?

New Zealand's only gold medal in the 2000 Olympics was won by Rob Waddell in men's single sculls rowing.

What is New Zealand's greatest ever gold medal haul?

That was the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles when New Zealand athletes won 8 gold medals.

When was New Zealand Medal created?

New Zealand Medal was created in 1869.

Who won New Zealand's first gold medal?

Ted Morgan (Boxing) (1928).

When did New Zealand get their first olympic gold?

New Zealand's first Olympic gold medal was won at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam by Ted Morgan in boxing in the welterweight division.

Who won New Zealand's only gold medal in 1992?

Barbara Kendall in the Women's Boardsailing.

Which sport won the first gold medal for the New Zealand olympic team?

Jack Beatson

Who in 1936 won New Zealand their first gold medal for track and field?

Jack Lovelock

Did Brazil or New Zealand win in soccer?

Brazil won against New Zealand in soccer at the 2008 Summer Olympics. The games were held in China. The score was Brazil '5', against '0' for New Zealand. In the medal ceremony, Brazil received a bronze medal. The gold medal went to Argentina. Nigeria received a silver medal.

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