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New Zealand won 13 medals in the 2012 summer Olympics including 6 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 5 Bronze medals

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Q: How many medals did new zealand get in the 2012 this year?
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How many Olympic gold medals has New Zealand won?

New Zealand has won 33 gold medals but this year (2012) we have won 3 medals so far

How many bronze did Australia win this year 2012?

Australia has won 12 bronze medals this year London 2012

How many medals did Stephanie rice won this year at the 2012 London Olympics?


How many medals have the us won this year?

In the 2012 London Olympics US won 104 medals and got the first place

How many medals have been won by each country?

I know that New Zealand has won 77 medals all up but this year 2008 they will have more because the bEIJING olympics.

What 1980s olympic event did new zealand win a lot of gold medals?

In 1984 New Zealand's male kayakers won 4 gold medals,half of the 8 golds that New Zealand won that year.

How many gold medals has Ben Ainslee won?

he has won three gold medals and he is aiming to win his fourth one this year at the London Olympics 2012

Which three countries in the year 2012 have won the most medals and how many did they each win?

usa-7 mexico-12

In what year did NZ win the most gold medals in the Olympics?

That was the 1984 Games in Los Angeles when New Zealand athletes won 8 gold medals.

How many medals did India won this year in Olympics in 2012?

This was India's most successful Olympics based on the medal standings, winning a total of 6 medals (2 silver and 4 bronze)

What is the population in new zealand of the year 2012?

4,325,345 and growing by the minute

How many gold medals did team GB win at 2012 olympic games?

team GB won 29 gold meals this year!

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