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Q: Who was in 1971 - 74 the west indies cricket teams opening batsman?
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What was the two teams in the cricket world cup final in 1979?

West Indies and England.

What are the teams in the final of the 1979 cricket world cup?

England vs West Indies

What is a blackwash?

A blackwash is a slang term used in cricket for a whitewash victory for either the New Zealand or West Indies cricket teams.

Which teams played first cricket world cup?

The finalests were West Indies, who defeated Australia

What are the teams in cricket?

India,Australia,Pakistan,South Africa,England,West Indies,Newzealand etc.,

What does sundries mean in cricket?

Sundries (also called extras) are runs scored in cricket that have not come off the batsman's bat. Sundries are added to the teams score, but not the individual batsman. Examples of sundries are: Byes, leg byes, no balls, wides and penalty runs.

How many times have the West Indies beaten Pakistan in Test cricket?

As of May 2011, of the 46 occasions in which the West Indies and Pakistan have faced off in Test cricket, the West Indies have won on fifteen occasions, the first happening on the second meeting between the teams.

What cricket world cup 2011 teams come from North America?

Only 2. West Indies and Canada.

What are the cricket teams in 2011?

India, Sri Lanka, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, West Indies, Canada, Kenya, Ireland, Netherlands were cricket teams in 2011.

How many teams perticipated in first icc cricket world cup?

8 teams participated in the opening world cup

How many teams perticipated in icc cricket world cup at 1975?

8 teams participated in first cricket world cup in England. The 8 teams are England, New Zealand, India, East Africa, West Indies, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Who is the best cricket team?

The best Cricket teams are in 2011 1.Australia 2.India 3.England 4.West indies 5.Srilanka 6.Pakistan

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