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8 teams participated in the opening world cup

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Q: How many teams perticipated in first icc cricket world cup?
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How many teams participate in the first world cup tournament for cricket?

in the first edition of the world cup total of 8 teams took part

Which teams played first cricket world cup?

The finalests were West Indies, who defeated Australia

How many teams participated in ICC cricket world cup 1996?

Twelve teams participated in 1996 world cup.Sri Lanka won the world cup for the first time.

How many cricket teams are in the world?


Which is the highest paid cricket team in the world?

India Indian cricket team is the highest paid cricket teams in the world.

Who goes through in cricket world cup?

the teams which play international cricket!\

Which teams were playing in the 1844 cricket world cup?

Those days no Cricket world cup played.

How much teams are playing cricket world cup?

14 teams are playing in the world cup 2015

Who was the first world cup cricket winner teams?

India is the winner of first icc t20 world cup.India has beaten pakistan in the final.

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007?

16Total 16 teams were in ICC cricket World cup 2007.and 51 matches were played in this world cup

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

14 teams

Which is the best team of cricket in the world?

All teams are good.