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Andorra, a small country in between Spain and France.

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Q: Where is the Andorre Arcalis stage in the tour de France?
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Is the tour de France stage solely in France?

no, it takes part in different countries, but the majority of the tour is in France

What do the tour de France and tour du pont have in common?

they are stage races.

What was the longest stage of the 2012 tour de France?

Stage 12 on the 13th July

How many Tour de France sprints did Mario Cippollini win?

Cipollini won 12 stage of the Tour de France.

The tour de france is the boat race?

No. Tour de France is a multi-stage bicycle race stretching over several days.

What does tdf mean?

Tour De France, a multi-stage bike race in France spanning over several days.

Where is the starting line in France for le tour de France?

The Tour de France starts in different places each year. This year it starts in Leeds in the U.K. on 5th July 2014 and doesn't arrive in France until the fourth stage. The fourth stage begins in Le Touquet on 8th July 2014.

What is France cycling race?

The most famous bicycle race in France is probably the Tour de France. A stage race lasting Three weeks.

At what Stage did Lance Armstrong crash out of the Tour de France 2010?

Lance Armstrong never crashed out of the 2010 Tour. While he did have multiple crashes, he completed the Tour.

When did the lanterne rouge win a stage in the tour de France?

The last Lanterne Rouge winner to win a Tour stage was Jacky Durand, LR winner in 1999, although he won Stage 8 the previous year in 1998.

Is the tour de France only held in France?

Mostly. It can sneak over into neighboring countries for an occasional stage, and even the first stage has been held elsewhere, but the bulk of the race as well as the finish is in France.

What are some similarities between the tour de france and the tour down under?

They're both long, multi-stage road bicycle races