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The most famous bicycle race in France is probably the Tour de France.

A stage race lasting Three weeks.

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Q: What is France cycling race?
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What type of race is Tour de France?

Cycling----International Professional Road Cycling Race.A Cycling race.

What is the most famous bike race in France called?

The tour de France cycling race, held every July, is a world-famous cycling event.

Where is worlds best known cycling race?

The world's best known cycling race is probably Le Tour de France, which is held in France, which is a country in Europe.

What part of france is the worlds best cycling race?

Tour de France

What is France's races?

The most famous cycling race in the world is the Tour De France.

Which the world best known cycling race?

in france is TOUR DE FRANCE!trust me

What is a famous french cycling race?

Tour de france

What is the world's best known cycling race?

Tour de France

Where is the worlds best known cycling race?

In Europe, mostly in France.

Why is the Tour France named?

The Tour de France, the cycling race, just means tour of France, tour meaning race in this instance. So called because it goes around France.

Where is the company headquarters for Mavic Cycling?

Mavic Cycling's headquarters is based in Annecy, France. For the past few decades, it has been one of the major sponsors of the world's most famous cycling race, the Tour De France.

What is the name of the cycling event held every year in France?

There are several yearly cycling events in France, but the most well-known one is probably Le Tour de France. It is a 3-week long multi-stage road race.

Name the popular cycling race won over 7 years by lance Armstrong?

Tour de France

When did track cycling start in the olyimpics?

cycling made its debut at the 1896 Olympics in Athens. The first race was a 100 kilometer race held on a track 1/3 km long. Leon Flameng of France won the gold medal in a time of 3:08:19.2.

When did cycling become an Olympic sport?

Cycling was first competed at the first Modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens.The first road race was held in the 1896 games in AthensCycling made its debut at the 1896 Olympics in Athens. The first race was a 100 kilometer race held on a track 1/3 km long. Leon Flameng of France won the gold medal in a time of 3:08:19.2.

What is a popular cycling race in Paris?

The Tour de France traditionally ends in Paris after 3 weeks of racing about 3500km around alot of France's territory and even some border countries.

What is a yellow jersey?

A yellow jersey is the yellow-coloured shirt worn by the leader of a cycling race at a certain time during the Tour de France.

Which group is responsible for organizing the Tour de France?

The "société du Tour de France", a subsidiary of "ASO - Amaury Sports Organisation", is organising cycling events in France including the essential race of the Tour de France.

Where did cycling originate?

cycling originated in france in the mid 18th century

How do you win a cycling race?


Which is the longest cycling event in the world?

Overall Longest: Tour Divide, mountain bike race. Road: Le Tour de France

Has a woman ever won the Tour de France?

For a woman to win the Tour, they would have to race the Tour. Currently, men ride the Tour de France and women ride the Tour de France Feminin, which is a cycling grand tour for women.

Which famous french cycling race takes place on Bastille day?

Le Tour de France is a 3-week long race. On Bastille Day, it could be between the second and third week of the race, it changes a bit every year.

What are the famous sports in France?

Cycling - Tour de France!

What is the biggest cycling race called in France?

The "Tour de France". It is the world most watched annual sport event, coming only after the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, which occur only every four years.