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Super Bowl XLIV (February 7, 2010) -- Miami

Super Bowl XLIII (February 1, 2009) -- Tampa

Super Bowl XLII (February 3, 2008 --Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl XLI (February 4, 2007) -- Miami

Super Bowl XL (February 5, 2006) -- Detroit

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Q: Where has the last 5 Super Bowls been?
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49ers 5 wins in Super Bowls against what teams?

Broncos, Bengals (2), Dolphins, and Chargers.

What NFL team has the most Super Bowl appearences?

The Cowboys have played in eight Super Bowls. The Steelers and Dolphins have played in six. 2nd answer: cowboys have played in 8 super bowls (5-3), steelers have played in 7 (6-1, playing 7th super bowl: february 1st, 2009)

Where will the next 5 Super Bowls be played?

Super Bowl XLIII (2009): Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida) Super Bowl XLIV (2010): Dolphin Stadium (Miami Gardens, Florida) Super Bowl XLV (2011): Dallas Cowboys New Stadium (Arlington, Texas) Super Bowl XLVI (2012): Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, Indiana) Super Bowl XLVII (2013): Soldier feild [illinose,Chicago] Super Bowl XLXIII [2014] Centurylink Feild [Seattle, Washington] Super Bowl XLXIIII [2015] lambeau Feild [GreenBay, Wisconsin]

How many Super Bowls have the San Francisco 49ers won?

The San Francisco 49ers have appeared in six Super Bowls and won five of them. Here are the results (victories in bold):Super Bowl XVI (1-24-82) -- San Francisco 26, Cincinnati Bengals 21.Super Bowl XIX (1-20-85) -- San Francisco 38, Miami Dolphins 16.Super Bowl XXIII (1-22-89) -- San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16.Super Bowl XXIV (1-28-90) -- San Francisco 55, Denver Broncos 10.Super Bowl XXIX (1-29-95) -- San Francisco 49, San Diego Chargers 26.Super Bowl XLVII (2-3-13) -- Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 31.The 49ers have won 5 superbowls as of august 29, 2012

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