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the uniform style did not change but the logo went from an "a" to a "c"

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Q: When the flames relocated to Calgary from atlanta they became the only team to ever retain their team name flames what other fact is unique to the Calgary Flames during this move?
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Where did the Calgary flames move from?

The Atlanta Flames moved from Atlanta Georgia to Calgary and became the Calgary Flames in 1980

Who was the first Calgary Flames coach?

Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion was the first coach in franchise history (back in Atlanta). Al MacNeil became the first "Calgary" coach (and third coach in team history) when the team relocated to Calgary. That said, the best Calgary coach was Badger Bob Johnson, nobody can dispute that!

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Was jarome iginla assistant captain of the Calgary Flames before becoming captain?

No he became captain right away after inpressing his coaches

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