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They moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta and became known as the Atlanta Braves before the 1966 season.

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Q: When did the Atlanta Braves start?
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Where did the braves start playing?

Boston. Then they move to Milwaukee and now Atlanta.

When was Atlanta Braves created?

Atlanta Braves was created in 1871.

When did the Milwaukee braves change to the Atlanta braves?

The Milwauke Braves moved and became the Atlanta Braves in 1966

Where do the Atlanta Braves play at?

The Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.

When did the tomahawk chop start for the Atlanta Braves?

The tradition followed Atlanta Braves baseball player, and former Seminoles football and baseball player, Deion Sanders to Atlanta where it was adopted and renamed the "Tomahawk Chop."

How long have the Atlanta Braves been in Atlanta?

The Braves have been based in Atlanta since 1966.

What is the Atlanta Braves longest winning streak to start a season?

In 1982, The Braves won 13 in a row to begin the season.

How old are the Atlanta Braves?

The ATLANTA Braves go back to 1966. However, before they were the Atlanta Braves, they were the Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965). And before then, they were the Boston Braves, which dates back to 1871!

What is the Atlanta Braves single A team?

The Atlanta Braves' Single A team is the Rome Braves in Rome, GA

Which league do the Atlanta Braves belong to?

The Atlanta Braves play in the National League.

What year did The Braves move to Atlanta?

The Braves first season in Atlanta was 1966.

In 2010 when will Atlanta Braves start their season?

April 5 at 4:10 PM vs. the Chicago Cubs in Atlanta

How long have the braves been in Atlanta?

The 2009 season is the Braves 44th in Atlanta ... their first season in Atlanta was 1966.

Where is the Atlanta Braves ballpark?

In Atlanta, you idiot!

What is the name of Atlanta Braves Mascot?

The Atlanta Braves mascot's name is Homer.

How long have the Atlanta Braves been in existence?

The Braves have been in Atlanta since 1966

Who is the current Atlanta Braves manager?

Fredi Gonzalez is the Atlanta Braves current manager.

How long have the braves played in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves have played in Atlanta, GA since 1966. For the past 45 years.

How can you find the rosters for the Atlanta Braves in 1982 and 1983?

Click on the '1982 Atlanta Braves Roster' and '1983 Atlanta Braves Roster' links on this page to see the Braves' roster for those two seasons.

The Atlanta Braves play baseball in Field?

Turner Field is the Atlanta Braves' home field.

What side is the Atlanta Braves dugout on?

The Atlanta Braves dugout is on the 1st base side of the field.

What is Aaron Harang's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Aaron Harang is number 34 on the Atlanta Braves.

What is Alex Wood's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Alex Wood is number 40 on the Atlanta Braves.

What is Andrelton Simmons's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Andrelton Simmons is number 19 on the Atlanta Braves.

What is Anthony Varvaro's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Anthony Varvaro is number 38 on the Atlanta Braves.