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What famous quotes did Jackie Robinson say.

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Q: When and where did Jackie Robinson say his famous quotes?
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Is Babe Ruth better than Jackie Robinson?

I think Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson are equal. Jackie Robinson broke lots of records when he played. I just say they are equal.

What are quotes from famous people from Hawaii?

the famous people dont say quotes

Why does baines say jackie robinson breaking of yhe color is insignificant?

Baines says that Jackie Robinson's breaking of the wire is insignificant because it does not change the situation.

Did Jan Matzeliger say a famous quote?

He had no famous quotes, stupid

What do people say about Jackie Robinson?

well...people didn't really obviously like jackie robinson because threw racism and that people love it when the MBL was still the same, Till he came they hated him.

Which famous first lady was America's favorite?

I'd say Jackie O (Jackie Kennedy)

What famous quotes did Wilhelm roentgen Say?

This is his most famous quote, "I didnt think, I experimented!"

How much is a baseball signed by Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson worth?

I would say around 8500

Which African American baseball pioneer fought racism through personal achievement?

Jackie Robinson. I would say Satchel Paige in addition to Mr. Robinson.

what is jackie robinson,s favorite color?

i would say red and i'm just guessing

What were Edith Cowan's Famous Quotes?

one of her famous quotes was "one says that i cannot acheive, well that one now say, wow i cannot think properly." that was said after the election

What was jackie robinson born?

I can answer when and where, but I'm not sure I can answer "what" except to say he was born to be a baseball player.Born: January 31, 1919, Cairo, GA

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