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Q: What is Usain Bolts maximum squat weight?
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What does RM stand for in weight training?

RM stands for repetition maximum. For example, a 1RM for the squat would consist of the maximum amount of weight that one could squat for 1 rep (repetition). A 5RM squat would be the maximum amount of weight one could squat for 5 reps.

Examples of squat variation?

Body weight squat, goblet squat, zombie squat, front squat, and back squat

What is power lifting?

The three lifts squat, bench press, and deadlift are used in powerlifting, a strength competition, in three attempts at their maximum weight.

What is the average weight bench and squat for a college linebacker?

you should at least be able to bench body weight, and squat 1.5x body weight. Competitive players bench 2x body weight, and squat 3.5x. -EXSS major

What sport uses squat?

weight training

Why you can you not get up after you squat and what can you do to be able to get up easily after you squat?

use less weight or do less reps/sets

How much weight does a 130 pound guy have to squat?


How many reps do you have to squat before they tell you you squat that much?

Most people shoot for anything from 1-3 to determine a max weight.

How much was Arnold Schwarzenegger's max squat?

Arnold Schwarzenegger can squat a maximum of 440 pounds. He also can dead lift a whopping 710 pounds and press 375 pounds.

How much weight will you gain if your bench goes up 100 lbs and your squat 200lbs?

add that weight to what you do now

What percentage of bodyweight can the average male bench or squat?

Benching: You should be able to bench your own body weight. Good is 125% of your weight, great is 150% and amazing is 175%. Squat: You should squat about double your weight if your on the lighter side and at least double if you are bigger. Unless you are a trained weight lifter use a conversion chart to predict one rep max, bad form could leave you crippled.

How much weight could Barry Sanders squat?