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Ottawa Senators - Hockey Toronto Blue Jays - Baseball Montreal Canadians - Hockey

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Q: What are three professional sport teams in Canada?
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What are three professional sport teams in California?

Three professional sport teams in California are: the L.A. Lakers, the San Fransisco 49'ers, and the L.A. Dodgers

What three professional sport teams are not associated with a state?

Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Redskins

What three professional US sport teams names aren't associated with a state?

Tortonto Raptors,Toronto Blue Jays, and Seattle Mariners

What are three Canada ian professional sport teams?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators, Montreal CanadiansMLB: Toronto Blue JaysNBA: Toronto RaptorsMLS: Toronto FCMLL: Toronto Outlaws

What are the 3 Kentucky's sport teams?

The three Kentucky's sports teams arebasketballfootballsoccer

What are three professional sport teams in Pennsylvania?

Phillies Flyers Eagles Steelers Penguins 76'ers There's more than 3 that's for sure.

Who excels in the sport ice hockey?

Generally, the team to beat is The Canadians. Why? Canada's national sport is ice hockey. However, in current Olympics the three teams to beat are USA, Canada and Russia. Because USA beat Canadian in a match game of the Olympics, the Americans are the favorites to win the gold.

What is America's third favorite sport?

Good Question Soccer is on the increase. It was not a popular but more young children play it than before. For Professional Teams, the top three are Football(American), Baseball and Basketball.

What city has three professional sports teams with the same team colors?

Toronto, Canada. The teams are the Toronto Maple leafs (blue), the Toronto Blue Jays (blue [obviously!]) and their CFL (Canadian Football League) team, the Toronto Argonauts (blue). Pittsburgh also has three sports teams (NHL - Penguins, MLB - Pirates, NFL - Steelers) that are all Black and Yellow. Giggity.

What are the three sports teams in Milwaukee?

Professional teams include the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball), Milwaukee Brewers (baseball) and Milwaukee Admirals (hockey) there is also a professional soccer team (Milwaukee Wave) well one is the badgers

What professional league has the most teams in the US?

The National Football League (NFL) has 32 teams. 2 Conferences (AFC and NFC) each of 16 teams, and each conference has 4 divisions (North South East West) and each division has 4 teams. Ex: The AFC East has 4 teams, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills

What are the three professional Arizona sports teams?

Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)Phoenix Suns (NBA)Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)